Gardening Research

Collage of garden planning books

Winter is the best time to read up about gardening, which can provide both education and inspiration! While people often do their research in the spring, you can be more thoughtful about your garden if you give yourself more time to plan. Also, it’s good to have done some research before you order seeds, which should be done soon, as the popular seed varieties often sell out early!

As you’re reading up, it’s vital to put everything you learn in the context of your own garden. Specifically, keep these factors in mind when drilling into garden topics:

  • The size of your planting area
  • The sunlight levels of your garden (during the summer months when the sun is higher in the sky)
  • The water levels of your garden (proximity to downspouts, depressions in the ground, etc.)

There are a ton of gardening books out there. We usually borrow a selection from our local library and then purchase the ones we love for referencing again in the future. Feel free to reach out to us via at any time for recommendations on the best books to read for whichever gardening topics or growing conditions apply best to you.